Card Corrugator Foundation (Preston)

KDS undertook civil package for installation of multiple rails and pits for new card corrugating line including, excavation, formwork, reinforcing and concreting. Finished with pouring new floor slab around the foundations. 


Galvanising Pit

In order to extend the depth of an existing pit, we broke out and re-installed the base for a galvanising bath. This included sheet piling, breaking, excavation, formwork and concrete in a very tight schedule as to minimise the disruption to production. 


Residential Apartments

Installing foundations and drainage to serve 36 apartments in a multi residential development in Sheffield. We are currently in the process of completing phase 2 for the same client.


Mineshaft Cap

High pressure injection grouting of redundant mine shaft to stabilise and prevent collapse. One metre deep concrete cap with 40mm thick reinforcement to allow development of clients service yard.


Warehouse Extension

Acting as main contractor we constructed foundations and heavily reinforced ground beams for a galvanising warehouse extension. As part of the project we also installed steelwork and cladding for a turn-key project. 


Milling Machine

We constructed a piled milling machine foundation in Blackpool’s notoriously poor sandy/silty sub-strata. 


Flood Defense Earth Bund

Constructing a 150m long x 3.0m high x 8.0m wide earth bund incorporating a geogrid stabilisation material to create a very well protected site from previous flooding problems.


Can-maker foundations

Working very closely with the machine installers to deliver a sunken foundation to a very small tolerance for error. A very intricate foundation where accuracy and precision was paramount.


Wind Deflection Foundations

Acting as sub-contractor, we installed 6nr very heavily reinforced foundations for a well-known wind alleviation project in Leeds City Centre.