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KDS Construction Company Ltd. places great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of occupational Health and Safety. We have dedicated external Health & Safety Advisors supporting our own management. All managers have NEBOSH National Certificate in Health and Safety, which promotes safe working and best practice across all of our work activities. We have specific processes for controlling, communicating and co-ordinating our Health and Safety management arrangements. These are included within our ISO 9001 (Quality) certificate.

KDS Construction Operatives are fully trained and hold the following certification:



Asbestos Awareness

Confined Spaces

Temporary Works Training

Emergency First Aid

Location and Avoidance of Underground Apparatus

Level 2 NVQ in construction operations

We’ve never had a lost time incident!
All managers have NEBOSH National Certificate in Health and Safety

See One Of Our Managers' Certificates Here

Our Core Values

Our People

Safety is fundamental at KDS. Our team have a whole array of safety certificates that allows them to carry out their day-to-day tasks. This, in combination with extensive training, ensures the team understand how to safely carry out their individual roles.

The safety-conscious individuals are then combined to create a safe team. We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety for everyone involved in the company.

Our Work

Just as important as keeping our guys safe is keeping the work we produce safe for decades to come. This is a massive responsibility as thousands of people are affected by what we produce. We happily accept this responsibility by always creating structurally sound solutions and never entertain anything that won’t guarantee longterm safety.

Every project we have been involved in to date has had a quality and valuable outcome. Our records show no safety blemishes with the solutions we’ve created.

Our Surroundings

KDS are committed to excellence in every aspect of business. Environmental protection is no exception and we very aware of how our operations affect the environment despite our work ultimately benefiting humanity.

We strive to ensure that the irreplaceable environmental resources we all depend on will not be abused by any unnecessary waste or pollution.