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Sit back and allow us to deliver your turn-key project with as much involvement as you desire

We offer a full main contracting service and we are widening our scope all the time. We can safely take a project from pre-construction through to final completion and handover. We self-execute the majority of our construction services giving us a greater control of the project in terms of communication, cost and programme.

Please see our projects section to view our most recent projects acting as main contractor.

We listen and understand our clients’ needs

Paramount to any successful project is listening and understanding the needs of the client, involving them early on in the design process and continually checking and receiving constructive feedback to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

We know it can be complicated, but we can help

We understand that for any new development there can be a minefield of forms/authorities and boards to deal with in order for everything to be above board. KDS will undertake these works to remove any headaches you may have.