Construction jobs aren’t to be taken lightly! They are a huge undertaking and require the utmost care and professionalism to ensure a successful outcome. Hiring a bad company without doing your research can lead to more problems than it’s worth, wasting everyone’s time and money. There is nothing worse than needing ongoing maintenance, adjustment and even complete reworking of your project where corners have been cut and protocols have been avoided. Luckily, with the rise of the internet, the ability to filter companies is easier than ever. With just a little research, you can be confident in finding the right company for your construction needs. KDS are one such company! With decades of experience we know how to approach any major construction job. Here are some things to look out for when looking to hire civil engineering companies. Take your time and ensure you get the right one!

Doing your Online Research
This is a great place to start. Websites should reflect the company’s personality. You’ll find information about services, evidence of past projects and images of jobs when they were partially completed. Information about a company is easiest to find on their websites so do spend time having a good look around.
Check if there is a testimonials section. There is nothing more valuable than feedback from those who have used the company before. Have a look on google reviews. This is the most accessible piece of information you have in determining whether the company will do a good job for you. The technology in 2018 means we have this information at our finger tips and it can go a long way to helping choose the right company.

There is no substitute for experience. Newer companies aren’t necessarily worse options, assuming they have the correct skillset and know how to approach problems correctly. However, experience certainly counts for something. Older companies will inevitably have encountered more unique situations and overcome a wider range of problems. KDS Construction, for example, has been in business for over 50 years. There is nothing that fazes us!
Think about your needs for the job you need doing. If it’s something relatively routine, you may be fine opting for a less experienced company who offer a lower price. But especially for more complex problems, it’s worth inquiring about companies who may have experience dealing with your specific problem before. Given the lengthy timescale of so many construction projects, there is no need to put yourself at risk of having this timescale extended. Choose an experienced company to ensure deadlines are met.

Always check the accreditation of the company you’re looking to hire. Check that they have been through all the necessary legal processes that show them to be a recognised and responsible company. Check their website, have a search on google, look at their social media posts or even ask them to show evidence of these credentials. The last thing you want is a rogue company masquerading as legitimate, where you put yourself at risk of being unable to recover expenses lost because the job wasn’t done properly.

Cost will always be an essential consideration. Talk to different companies to get a rough idea of their costs, or see if they display any costs on their site for similar jobs. It can be tricky, as construction projects are typically large and it takes time to fully cost everything. This is where you have to use your own judgment. Naturally, there will be trade-offs. If you have a company offering you a price that is significantly less than other companies, it’s probably a red flag. It’s likely that the quality of the job will reflect the price.
In general, you get what you pay for. It’s most important that the company communicates clearly with you the exact breakdown of costs and why. This way, you know what you’re paying for and shouldn’t get caught out by any hidden costs.

Always do your research, talk to prospective companies and get familiar with their attitude and approach towards your problems. Use the above factors to help inform your decision to ensure you choose the company that’s right for you. KDS Construction know how important it is that you’re happy with whom you’ve chosen. Check out our past projects to see the scope of our capabilities, and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Here is a recent video we published showing some of our past projects, check it out!



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