KDS Construction have been experts in construction for over 70 years. With this experience we’ve expanded and now encompass a huge range of construction services. As with anything in construction, it’s important to get things right from the start. It’s no use building a precise, spectacular building if the foundations haven’t been put in place to support it properly. When looking for groundworks in Sheffield, make sure you choose a company who understand how important this stage of the project is. Skipping steps in the construction process is a recipe for failure! No matter what surface or construction project, from a basketball court to a superstore, the surfaces must be prepared correctly.

The word groundwork is sometimes used interchangeably with foundations, but groundworks is a much broader term that encompasses the laying of foundations and the surrounding steps. Groundwork refers to the preparation involved on the surfaces and sub-surfaces ahead of construction work. Excluding demolition or any other process required to clear a site, groundworks will be the very first stage of the project.

What is Involved when Undertaking Groundworks?

The exact process may change depending on the site, but the general procedure remains the same. That is, first the site will be investigated and then cleared. The site will be prepared by checking the integrity and strength of the sub-structure. Drainage systems will be implemented to ensure that liquids can escape easily. Then finally, landscaping can take place to shape the site as needed. Each stage involves multiple steps and can take some time. This is necessary, however, to ensure the surfaces are fully prepared for the structures that they’ll hold.


This is arguably the most important step of the process. A site always has to be thoroughly investigated to identify potential problems before they have to chance to cause issues later on. Depending on what the land was used for before may depend on what work needs to be done to it in the present. The conditions of the ground will be investigated, checking for integrity, drainage, soil quality and contamination. Topsoil should be stripped away to avoid problems with organic matter in the future. There are a huge number of factors to check here in order to understand how to approach the job.

Laying Foundations

Once the ground has been fully inspected, analysed and prepared, the foundations can be laid. Simply put, this involves developing the surfaces and adding concrete to create a solid platform on which to build. While very technical, laying foundations becomes a fairly routine process as long as the site preparation is done properly. We need to emphasise this point again, that understanding the particular site is possibly the most important thing in determining the correct approach and subsequent outcome.

In short, the foundation process is as follows. Firstly, trenches will be dug to a suitable depth, and covering enough of the area to provide sufficient strength. A layer of hardcore will be added to the trenches before the concrete is added to the correct depth. Each stage needs to be given careful consideration. For example, the depth of the trenches, the thickness of the hardcore layer and correct mixing of concrete. Using the wrong materials can cause the concrete to crack when it is compacted down. Foundations get a lot more complex than this depending on the site, but this is the general idea.

This is a crucial step. Water is incredibly damaging if allowed to sit and erode materials away. Because of the length of many construction projects, it is inevitable that a good deal of outdoor construction will be carried out under rain. As anyone in Britain knows, that rain can get very heavy! Good drainage is essential not only for the final outcome, but to ensure the construction process can proceed successfully. Pipes need to be laid at the correct depth and gradient to ensure water and any other liquid can successfully flow unimpeded. The trenches that are dug for pipes need to be correct the first time to avoid the need for excessive bedding (gravel) to support the pipes. The drainage system should be fully tested before further work is carried out to ensure it is all functioning correctly.

With foundations successfully laid and drainage in place, construction can begin. If the groundworks are all done successfully, the rest of the process should be a breeze! Of course, it’s never that simple, but problems are easily sorted without having to worry about the state of the foundations and so on. KDS Construction have been carrying out professional groundworks for many years. If you’re looking for groundwork for your project in Barnsley, Sheffield or elsewhere in Yorkshire, get in touch today!



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